NKTelco's Advanced All Digital Basic Cable Transition

Why are we transitioning to all digital?

In the first quarter of 2020, NKTelco is transitioning to Advanced All Digital Basic Cable.  Why?  To provide better picture quality for our customers on Budget and Basic Packages!  We are excited about this transition!   (Customers with Supreme or Ultimate Packages will not be affected by this change unless you have televisions in your home without a cable box.)

When your home is scheduled for the upgrade, you will receive a post card in the mail with the implementation date (see example below).

Digital Cable Full date area-01

After your service is upgraded, your television will go black and you will need to do a Channel Scan on each TV in your home.  (See example videos for LG, Phillips, Samsung and Vizio TVs below.)

NOTE:  If you have an older television without a digital tuner, it will no longer receive channels without the addition of a digital box.  We have digital boxes available for rent at $3.50/month.  Call us at 1-888-NKTELCO for details.

As part of the migration to our advanced all digital, we will be swapping ION (currently ch. 70 moving to ch 50) and TV Guide (currently ch. 50 moving to ch. 70).

Channel Scan for LG TVs

Channel Scan for Phillips TVs

Channel Scan for Samsung TVs

Channel Scan for Vizio TVs