When your area is being upgraded to Digital, you will be receiving a postcard in the mail.  See Advanced All Digital Basic Cable Transition for details.
As part of the migration to our advanced all digital, we will be swapping ION (currently ch. 70 moving to ch 50) and TV Guide (currently ch. 50 moving to ch. 70).
We are excited to share this news with our customers!
NKTelco is going to Advanced All Digital service
to offer better picture quality for basic and budget channels!

Update:  Our office lobbies will open back up on June 1st.

COVID-19 Precautions

Hello NKTELCO customers!

I just wanted to take a moment and provide a message from all of us at NKTELCO.  Due to the seriousness of COVID-19 we are preparing to make the following changes to our day-to-day operations.  As you may be aware we closed our lobby last week to public traffic and it is now open by appointment only in an effort to create social separation.  NKTELCO and our full staff is committed to our valued customers and want to make sure we continue to provide excellent service.

Two weeks ago we took action to isolate our staff and moved a large percentage of them to strategic locations around our service areas.  Our employees are volunteering to record their temperatures when coming into work and when leaving so we can assure you we do not send a technician to your home knowing they have a fever.  Our IT department is working to increase the amount of surplus Internet capacity to ensure everyone has good fast Internet service.  NKTelco immediately bumped most residential services up in speed when the schools closed to take pressure off the demand at no extra cost to you during this pandemic.

As we make adjustments to our regular customer care procedures for all services, I thought we should share some of our planned changes to service operations.  NKTELCO plans to continue repair services and qualified installations.  Our technicians want to protect you and themselves if we visit your home.

Starting Monday, March 30th, our technicians will change the way we are making house calls.  For instance, when you call our office the customer service representatives will be asking additional questions in an attempt to solve the problem without an in-house service call.  Please have patience as we walk you through a list of steps to try our best to resolve the problem on the phone.

If a house call is required our staff may ask a few extra questions and may suggest a few steps to take prior to our visit attempting to protect you and our technician.  Our staff will show up at your house with eye protection, a protective mask, and latex gloves. Do not be alarmed. Again we want to protect you, our staff and our families.

NKTELCO is a 115-year old company regulated by the Public Utilities of Ohio.  We are a frontline service company in Ohio and we are following the pandemic guidelines along with the recommendations of the State.  We will do our best to support our customers.  Please call us if you have any questions.

And remember, NKTelco is local and we are here for you! Stay safe!

Preston Meyer
General Manager

Read full announcement by clicking on this image.

At NKTelco, the health and well-being of our team, customers and communities is of high importance. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing due to COVID-19 and we are committed to being responsive as the situation evolves.

As of today, March 18th, 2020, our office lobbies will be closed to the public until further notice.

We will accommodate our customers that need to pick up/drop off equipment, but please call first. Please use the drop box at each office as alternatives to coming into the office, or make payments via phone or online.

Our technicians are still installing service and making repairs and our IT staff are still taking calls over the phone. However, we ask you to help us with maintaining service standards by practicing your own social responsibility. If you or someone you have been in contact with is not feeling well, please call us to reschedule. Our technicians are taking extra measures by wearing masks and gloves when entering your home/business. This is for your protection along with the protection of our team, and the interactions we make with many others in our community that could be especially vulnerable.

We appreciate your understanding. We’re here for you!

As always, please call us with any questions. 1-888-NKTELCO

Thank you,
The NKTelco Team


Update:  The 50 MB Upgrade ends May 30th, so you will return to your previous broadband speed.  If you would like to keep that speed, please give us a call.

As more of you are working from home and students are doing classroom work online we are trying to do our part to help during these trying times.

If you are a current internet subscriber (coax/fiber area) we will increase your internet speed to 50Mbps at no additional charge for one month. If you have a cable modem you will need to reboot it by unplugging it (possibly removing the battery also) and plug it back in.

We hope you all stay healthy!

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