Update:  WKEF-TV (Channel 22) or WRGT-TV (Channel 45), Dayton-Springfield, Ohio

DAYTON, Ohio — If you currently receive WKEF-TV (Channel 22) or WRGT-TV (Channel 45), Dayton-Springfield, Ohio, WKEF and WRGT are operating at reduced power and a lower antenna as part of the recently mandated signal “repack”.  A couple of years ago, the Federal Communications Commission held a spectrum auction and freed up some broadcast TV frequencies to make room for high-speed wireless data services.  As a result, several television stations are having to move frequencies.  This temporary status is due to unavoidable delays in tower crew availability required given the multiple stations across the country going through the same process.  We are trying to expedite the situation and will keep you informed of changes.  We appreciate your viewership and thank you for your patience.  None of your channel numbers will change, just the frequencies the signals are sent over.  

NKTelco is working diligently to maintain the signal to the best of our ability.  Our contact at the broadcast stations has estimated the work should be completed around February 15th.