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Download the IPTV User Guide for more information.

By default, the password is 0.
You can call the office to have this changed or change by going to, Menu > Settings > Users > Edit > type old password > then add your new password. Be sure to hit Submit when done to save settings.

On your remote that came with the cable box, push the “STB” button at the top of the remote then channel up or channel down. Remember the STB button on the remote should flash red when pushing a button to control the cable box.

Make sure the cable box is powered on, as indicated with a blue or green light. If so, your television is on the wrong input. Use your remote that came with your television using the Input or Video Source button to select correct input that your cable box is connected to.

Push the Guide button on your remote and look at the green tab on left upper side. Push the guide button again and you will see it change.

Push the Guide button until it shows Subscribed on the green tab, then push the Exit button.

You can choose your parental control settings by going to, Menu > Settings > Users > Parental Control > and then select your settings accordingly. Be sure to hit Submit when done.

Now turn on Parental Controls by going to, Menu > Settings > arrow down > and then check mark Parental Control. Hit Submit when done.

You can turn Parental Control off and on by going to, Menu > select Control On or Control Off > enter password to activate.