ECHO & ECHO PLUS ? Standard DVR & Whole Home DVR

ECHO Standard DVR

This unit can be used to record, save, and play back television programs to watch at the customer’s convenience. The ECHO DVR can pause live TV by recording the current show in real time. The user can choose to fast forward (often during commercials) to return to live television.


What is Whole Home DVR? It is a service that enables you to record programs from your DVR in your home and watch them on any TV in your Whole Home network. Watch recorded shows in any room, resume it in another room. Record, delete, start and resume any show from any room. Pause, rewind, fast-forward recorded shows in any room. Simultaneously record and playback up to two shows. Play a recorded show on multiple TVs and control the playback individually. Watch shows in HD in every room (with HD service and HD TV)

Frequently Asked Questions
Whole Home DVR requires at least one specialized DVR as part of the Whole Home DVR IPTV network.

Monthly Fee $3.00, box units are additional.

Programs can be recorded and deleted only from the Whole Home DVR. Converters in the Whole Home network are used only to select recorded programs for viewing. Programs are recorded and deleted in the same way as for non-Whole-Home DVRs.
Whole Home DVR features several unique features which separate it from standard DVR service.
Parental controls for Whole Home DVR are set up and managed separately from each Whole Home DVR or converter in the network, giving you the ability to set different controls for each TV in your home.
Rebooting your Whole Home DVR equipment is quick and easy. If that doesn’t work contact our support center.

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