NKTelco Fiber Coming to New Bremen, New Knoxville, and Minster

January 9, 2018
For Immediate Release:

NKTelco announces today that starting in 2018 they will make a large investment upgrading and installing a complete fiber infrastructure in the villages of New Bremen, New Knoxville, and Minster.   According to General Manager Preston Meyer the time has come to upgrade the platform we use to deliver High Speed Broadband to support the growing demand for more capacity and faster speeds to the Internet.  Consumer demand continues to grow for additional capacity for small and large business along with IoT (Internet of Things) services that are coming of age. New advanced services are expected to drive the demand such as live video home monitoring, DAS wireless applications, streaming video services and many others.  “Big Broadband Pipes” capable of delivering “Gigabit” services are the future and we have decided it is time to re-invest in these three communities.  When this project is complete all markets that NKTelco provides broadband services will all be fiber to the home or business.  The old coax technology was good but fiber is better, faster and provides more capacity.

All basic services will remain available and non-interrupted as we construct the fiber network.  This will require new service drops to every home and business and new fiber lines constructed through the village.  The full transition is expected to take a little over two years. When complete any old unused equipment and cables will be removed where possible.  We have been planning for this transition for a couple years and we are now ready to begin the process.  Homeowners will be notified and a progress map will be posted on our website @ www.nktelco.com.