What Is NKTelco Up To This Summer?

As we roll through August, I thought it would be timely to update our customers on several projects we have completed and new ones we are starting.

NKTelco has completed a 5-year project expanding fiber services to every residence and business in Sidney. The project included over 8,500 homes and businesses. Our presence in Shelby County has been very successful. If you are around the Sidney area and have a question our office is located at 835 N. Vandemark Rd. We have also completed our fiber build in Chickasaw and Maria Stein.

Late in 2017, NKTelco announced plans to upgrade our systems in New Bremen, New Knoxville, and Minster to all fiber to the home systems. The upgrade will provide abundant capacity for the future of the Internet with the growth of Wi-Fi and video streaming services. The work has already begun with the placement of a large fiber splice Hut located under the Amsterdam Rd. water tower.

We are developing a progress map that will be on our website, www.nktelco.net, showing the progress of the projects. Later this year we plan to begin splicing and connecting residences and businesses along St. Rt. 66 between Wendy’s and McDonald’s to the new fiber system. As this project progresses, we will communicate with you to share our plans for your neighborhood.

NKTelco Wireless is a fixed wireless system serving rural customers in northwest Ohio as far south as Shelby and Miami Counties, north to Paulding and Hancock Counties and east to Marion County. This system provides Internet services to rural areas that are underserved by Internet providers. NKTelco continues to research technology to provide broadband to everyone in our service markets. The latest addition of wireless broadband service is the area from Versailles to Russia. If you hear of anyone looking for Internet service, please mention NKTelco to them.

Another project, we have completed is the addition of our hosted data vault. “The Vault” service is a secured building and location that is part of a redundant fiber ring platform. The Vault is connected to larger data centers via fiber optic transport and provides local business access to carriers and remote locations all over the world with private data connections. In addition, The Vault is a data hotel for businesses to locate off-site equipment in private secure cabinets to prepare themselves for any type of disaster recovery planning, or if they just run out of room in their own data rooms. Equipped with environmental cooling and heating, generator back up along with battery UPS, and redundant fiber routing, this is a consideration for any small or large business who rely on keeping their information close by and under their control.

NKTelco strives to provide services that make sense and support our area and customers. Call us if you have any questions or have a project you would like to review with us.



Preston Meyer, General Manager