It’s Sun Spot Season Again!

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It is time once again for a technical phenomenon called “sun outages”, also called “solar outage” and “sun spots”. For a period of about 15 days, starting October 1st at our Headend site, the sun will cause “solar interference” to all geostationary satellite signals coming into our headend. As the sun’s path across the sky gets lower each day, there are times when it is in a direct line behind a communication satellite that is sending signals to our receiving satellite dish here in Wapakoneta. When the dish antenna is looking into the sun, the interference from the sun overrides the signals from the satellite. This is when a sun outage occurs.

Sun outages typically can last as long as 15 minutes per channel and take place each day over a period of 15 days. The effects of sun outages vary in degree from minimal to total outage throughout the 15 day period. Once it reaches its peak, the interference will gradually decrease becoming less noticeable each day after. The rolling outages will start at approximately 2PM EDT each day and should be over by approximately 6PM EDT. This will affect none of the off air channels.

Please note, these estimates do not include outages that could occur at broadcaster uplink locations.