Letter to Subscribers

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Dear Valued Customer,

NKTelco is dedicated to our customers and the communities we serve. We strive to provide you with exceptional Cable TV programming, pricing and local customer service. It is our goal to meet and exceed your expectations. We continue to upgrade our Fiber to-the-Home technology to support the growing demands of today’s Internet.

We will be making the following changes – between now and 1/4/2021:
NKTelco is happy to announce the addition of NewsMax to our basic package.

WGN has changed from a regional broadcaster to a satellite distributed channel. That requires us to move it out of the local channel package (budget) and we will be moving it to the basic package.
WRGT/FOX will no longer allow us to offer this channel to our Lima market, so that will come out of the budget package for New Knoxville, New Bremen and Minster subscribers.

Please follow us on social media and our website under Breaking News to see updates of channel
changes, updated channel guides, outages and other news regarding your services. We will be making some channel placement changes to allow for all networks to be on the same channel on all lineups. This will require a channel scan for TV’s without a Set Top Box.

As a new year approaches we have reviewed our costs for quality Cable programming. Our programmers have once again raised their monthly subscriber fees and NKTelco has to pass a portion of the increase on to our customers. This increase will take effect January 1, 2021.

  • Budget Cable TV: $ 42.95 ($3 increase)
  • Basic Cable TV: $ 93.95 ($4 increase)
  • Supreme Cable TV: $111.95 ($6 increase)
  • Ultimate Cable TV: $154.95 ($8 increase)
  • Cinemax: $ 13.95 ($2 increase)
  • TMC/Showtime/Flix: $ 16.95 ($2 increase)

We plan to continue offering ABC, CBS and NBC stations from both the Lima and Dayton markets (with the exception of WRGT). NKTelco is the ONLY local provider to offer these off-air channels from both markets. We do have to pay subscriber rates for all the channels but our viewership ratings show the majority of our customers watch local channels from both markets. This information indicates having both markets is a win-win for our customers – allowing you to watch your favorite news channel and sports team.

NKTelco looks forward to providing you with the service you have known for many years and wants to thank you, our customer, for choosing local.


Preston Meyer

General Manager