NKTelco Sports LIVE Streaming Update

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NKTelco Sports is pleased to provide videos of High School sports for many of the surrounding schools.  Since limited seating is available for winter sports, NKTelco will be working with the New Bremen, Minster, and New Knoxville schools to provide live broadcasts of most home indoor sporting events.  NKTelco has installed automated cameras to catch all the action in these three schools.

Our goal will be to provide live coverage for high school and junior high basketball.  The games will be available on our NKT.tv streaming platform.  Most of the games are scheduled to have live announcers however some will not.  As in the past, NKTelco will continue to film our full crew broadcast games.  Both automated and full production game schedules are available on our website.

You can go to our NKTelco Sports website and follow the links to order. We will be adding links to the schools’ websites to make the signup process easy and quick.  NKTelco will be revenue sharing proceeds with the schools to help support the loss of revenue they are experiencing.  

A tutorial showing how to sign up and watch the games is posted on our website.  NKTelco will film the boys’ and girls’ games and offer three options.  $10.00 for a single event viewable for 4 days, $30.00 for a monthly event, and the game will be moved to our free library 4 days after the live game, and a season pass for $80.00 so you can watch the whole boys and girls basketball regular-season games COMING SOON. NKTelco is filming a select number of Jr. high games and those will be available on a per-game view for $5.00. All games we film will be moved to our sports archived games page after 4 days and then they will be available to anyone for free.

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