How to Register for Online Bill Pay

Our online bill payment system allows you to view and pay your bill using electronic check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover credit card.

If you are using this site for the first time since 8/1/2015, you will need to register on the new site. During registration you will be asked for your Service Account and a Secret. To find these, look in the remit detached area of your current bill as seen below. Your Account Number will be your Service Account and your security code will be 423 plus the last four digits of the number directly under the due date. The secret in the example would be 4238629

Write your number down to use during the registration process.


Not registered?  Sign up for online bill pay!
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  • No checks or stamps
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Our business office is located at 301 W. South Street, New Knoxville, Ohio.

To mail your payment, please send it to:
NKTelco, Inc.
PO Box 219
New Knoxville, OH 45871