NKTelco is Digital Voice

NKTelco provides competitive local and long distance telephone service and a wide array of features, all while saving you money.

Below is some general information on our voice services. Please contact us to find out how we can customize a solution designed to fit your specific needs.

For more information, or to sign up, contact us at info@nktelco.net or 1-888-NKTelco.

Portrait of smiling young woman talking cell phone in loft apartment

Local Phone Service w/ County-Wide Calling$21.74
Long Distance
Call anywhere, anytime within the 48 contiguous states.
Basic Plan$0.08 per minute
Unlimited Plan (includes unlimited features)$15.95
Local Phone and Unlimited Long Distance Plan Combined
Calling Features
Choose from three options: select as many features as you wish with our Unlimited Long Distance calling plan for free, select as many features as you wish for $10 a month, or select any of the following features a la carte.
Call Waiting$1.50
Auto Recall$3.00
Reminder Call$2.00
Call Forwarding$1.00
Call Number Delivery$5.00
Calling Name & Number$6.00
Speed Calling$1.50
Distinctive Ringing$4.50
Three-Way Calling$2.00
Installation Fees
May be waived with a good credit inquiry and signed 2-year contract*$59.95

*Installation fees are one-time fees that will be billed on your first monthly statement from NKTelco. They do not include any additional equipment fees. Installation fees in New Knoxville are $20.00.