Regarding the Internet Outage on 8/30/2020

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To our valued customers,

We wanted to provide a brief overview of the nationwide network outage that occurred during the morning hours on Sunday, August 30th causing connectivity issues to many locations on the internet. CenturyLink/Level3 is a network service provider that operates a large global network that our providers peer with and our providers noticed issues around 7 am. Upon discovering issues, our providers and our network team tried to migrate traffic to other partners with no success. It appears that while CenturyLink was offline between our networks, they were still advertising our networks to the world causing traffic to reach their network instead of other providers. They have since confirmed that an automated process loaded a bad configuration across their network which didn’t allow these sessions to shutdown properly and permit the normal flow of traffic. You can read many more technical details by searching online at many of the major news outlets. This is one of the largest internet outages of it’s kind and it has received appropriate press if you wish to read further. We have linked a couple of articles below for further reading!

ZDNet Article about the CenturyLink Outage

Cloudflare Analysis of the Outage