Sports Broadcast Schedule

This is the Broadcast Schedule for the games that NKTelco Sports will be covering for the current season. We will be providing most of the games live via Pay Per View. The games that we will not be doing live will be done on Video on Demand and all of the games will be broadcast on Channel 3 the week after.

Rows highlighted in this color are produced by New Bremen Schools.

Rows highlighted in this color are produced by New Knoxville HS

DayDateTIMESportTEAMS PLAYINGProduced by:Channel 3 1st AiringTIMEChannel 3 2nd AiringTIMEWatch Online
Tuesday8/25/20205:00 PMGirls SoccerLehman at BotkinsNKTelco Sports9/2/20206:00 PM9/6/20202:00 PMWatch here
Tuesday8/25/20207:00 PMVolleyballFort Loramie at MinsterNKTelco Sports9/2/20208:00 PM9/6/20204:00 PMWatch here
Thursday8/27/20205:00 PMBoys SoccerBotkins at LehmanNKTelco Sports9/5/2020noon9/6/20206:00 PMWatch here
Thursday8/27/20205:30 PMVolleyballFt. Loramie at RussiaNKTelco Sports9/5/20202:00 PM9/6/20208:00 PMWatch here
Friday8/28/20207:00 PMFootballMinster at New BremenNKTelco Sports9/4/202011:00 PM9/6/202010:00 PMWatch here
Friday8/28/20207:00 PMFootballTri-County North at Ft. LoramieNKTelco Sports9/5/20204:00 PM9/6/202011:00 AMWatch here
Monday8/31/20207:00 PMVolleyballVANDALIA BUTLER at SidneyNKTelco Sports9/8/20206:00 PM9/13/2020noonWatch here
Tuesday9/1/20205:30 PMVolleyballAnna at BotkinsNKTelco Sports9/9/20208:00 PM9/13/20202:00 PMWatch here
Thursday9/3/20207:00 PMVolleyballMinster at New BremenNKTelco Sports9/12/2020noon9/13/20204:00 PMWatch here
Friday9/4/20207:00 PMFootballRiverside at LehmanNKTelco Sports9/12/20203:00 PM9/13/20209:00 PMWatch here
Friday9/4/20207:00 PMFootballColdwater at MinsterNKTelco Sports9/11/202011:00 PM9/13/20206:00 PMWatch here
Tuesday9/8/20205:30 PMVolleyballBotkins at Ft. LoramieNKTelco Sports9/16/20206:00 PM9/20/2020noonWatch here
Thursday9/10/20207:00 PMVolleyballSt. Henry at New BremenNKTelco Sports9/19/2020noon9/20/20204:00 PMWatch here
Friday9/11/20207:00 PMFootballNew Richmond at SidneyNKTelco Sports9/18/202011:00 PM9/20/20206:00 PMWatch here
Friday9/11/20207:00 PMWapak FBVan Wert at WapakonetaNKTelco Sports9/19/20202:00 PM9/20/20208:00 PMWatch here
Thursday9/17/20205:30 PMVolleyballRussia at BotkinsNKTelco Sports9/26/2020noon9/27/2020noonWatch here
Friday9/18/20207:00 PMWapak FBShawnee at WapakoentaNKTelco Sportsno replayno replayno replayno replayWatch here
Saturday9/19/202010:00 AMVolleyballNew Knoxville at Fort LoramieNKTelco Sports9/26/20204:00 PM9/27/2020NOONWatch here
Monday9/21/20207:00 PMVolleyballAnna at New KnoxvilleNKTelco Sports9/29/20206:00 PM10/4/2020noonWatch here
Tuesday9/22/20207:00 PMVolleyballRussia at Ft. LoramieNKTelco Sports9/30/20206:00 PM10/4/20202:00 PMWatch here
Thursday9/24/20207:00 PMVolleyballMinster at Marion LocalNKTelco Sports10/3/20204:00 PM10/4/20204:00 PMDELAYED BROADCAST
Thursday9/24/20205:30 PMVolleyballDelphos St. Johns at New KnoxvilleNKWatch here
Thursday9/24/20205:30 PMVolleyballParkway at New BremenNBWatch here
Friday9/25/20207:00 PMFootballMarion Local at MinsterNKTelco Sports10/3/20209:00 PM10/4/20206:00 PMWatch here
Friday9/25/20207:00 PMFootballMarion Local at MinsterNKTelco Sports10/2/202011:00 PM10/5/20206:00 PMWatch here
Saturday9/26/202010:00 AMVolleyballNew Bremen at Fort LoramieNKTelco SportsDELAYED BROADCAST
Tuesday9/29/20205:00 PMGirls SoccerAnna at BotkinsNKTelco Sports10/7/20206:00 PM10/11/20202:00 PMWatch here
Thursday10/1/20205:00 PMBoys SoccerBotkins at New KnoxvilleNKTelco Sports10/10/20206:00 PM10/11/20206:00 PMComing Soon!!
Thursday10/1/20207:00 PMVolleyballSt. Henry at MinsterNKTelco Sports10/10/20208:00 PM10/11/20208:00 PMComing Soon!!
Thursday10/1/20205:00 PMJH VolleyballMarion Local at New KnoxvilleNKWatch here
Friday10/2/20207:00 PMFootballPossible OCC Conference game or St. Johns vs. Marion LocalNKTelco SportsComing Soon!!
Friday10/2/20207:00 PMWapak FBDefiance at WapakonetaNKTelco Sports10/9/202011:00 PM10/12/20206:00 PMComing Soon!!
Saturday10/3/202010:00 AMVolleyballLehman at AnnaNKTelco Sports10/11/2020noon10/12/20208:00 PMComing Soon!!
Saturday10/3/202010:00 AMJH VolleyballSpencerville at New KnoxvilleNKWatch here
Tuesday10/6/20207:00 PMVolleyballLehman at New BremenNKTelco Sports10/14/20206:00 PM10/18/2020noonComing Soon!!
Tuesday10/6/20205:30 PMJH VolleyballSt. Henry at New KnoxvilleNKWatch here
Thursday10/8/20207:00 PMVolleyballMarion Local at New BremenNKTelco Sports10/17/2020noon10/18/20202:00 PMComing Soon!!
Thursday10/8/20205:30 PMVolleyballMarion Local at New BremenNBWatch here
Saturday10/10/202010:00 AMJH VolleyballParkway at New KnoxvilleNKWatch here
Saturday10/10/202012:00 PMVolleyballRussia at New KnoxvilleNKWatch here
Tuesday10/13/20207:00 PMVolleyballNew Bremen at New KnoxvilleNKTelco Sports10/21/20206:00 PM10/25/2020noonComing Soon!!
Thursday10/15/20207:00 PMVolleyballNew Knoxville at Marion LocalNKTelco Sports10/24/2020noon10/25/20202:00 PMDELAYED BROADCAST
Saturday10/17/202011:00 AMGirls SoccerAnna at LehmanNKTelco Sports4:00 PMDELAYED BROADCAST