Multi-Gig Fiber Network Upgrade in Minster, OH

The upgrade enhances services in Minster, OH

Minster, OH (September 27, 2022) – NKTelco, a leading communications provider in West Central OH, has completed a system upgrade and now offers a redundant Multi-Gig Fiber-To-The-Premise (FTTP) network in Minster. With this new Fiber Optic Network, Minster becomes a regional leader in high-speed broadband service and is strategically positioned for continued growth. Minster is home to over 1200 residents and several major manufacturing companies, as well as a considerable number of local businesses.

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“Our newly upgraded system will provide Minster residents and businesses with a state-of-the-art broadband system designed for the next generation,” said Preston Meyer, General Manager of NKTelco. “Minster is a community of opportunities, and we are committed to playing an active role in bringing advanced broadband services to everyone.” 

“Having fiber directly to our homes and businesses is a tremendous asset for the Village of Minster, said Donald Harrod, Village of Minster Administrator. “The new Fiber Optic Network installed by NKTelco puts Minster light years ahead of many other communities who do not have this same service to offer. This will not only enhance our residents and business’s ability to access Gigabit broadband services but gives the village another tool to attract additional businesses into the community.  NKTELCO has always been a great partner with the community, and we are pleased that NKTELCO had the vision, the dedication and commitment to make this possible,” said Harrod.

 Among other things, Minster can now access the Cloud using one of the world’s leading optical solutions on the market today. Fiber broadband service delivers more speed and reliability to power all smart-home devices. Customers will have greater speed and reliability for streaming, working from home, education, and entertainment needs along with cable television and telephone.

This network expansion is part of an ongoing construction plan in partnership with NKTelco’s new parent, Schurz Communications. Some of the benefits of a fiber network include:

  • Greater reliability
  • Access to expanded broadband speeds, higher data capacity and bandwidth
  • Less susceptible to outside interference

NKTelco’s expanded network will deliver multi-gig Internet speeds and all-digital TV and phone service to residential customers. Business customers will enjoy access to scalable data connections up to 100 Gigs, cloud-hosted voice solutions and customized TV channel packages.

NKTelco worked closely with both Don Harrod and John Neuman, Superintendent of Utilities to make this project happen in a timely fashion.

About NKTelco:

NKTelco is a locally operated fiber provider that has been in business since 1905 and currently offers data, voice, and video services to residential and business customers in communities in West Central Ohio. NKTelco has a long history of expanding its fiber network to provide the best service possible to its customers. Currently, NKTelco serves the New Knoxville, New Bremen, Minster, Fort Loramie, Botkin’s, Anna, Maria Stein, Chickasaw, Osgood, Russia, Jackson Center, Sidney, Piqua, and Versailles communities.

About Schurz Communications:

Schurz is a family-owned corporation formed in 1872 that has been helping businesses, communities, and individuals make meaningful connections for five generations. The Schurz legacy began in newspaper publishing, and today, the company remains committed to making information more accessible through the platforms and technology of the digital age. Schurz’s recent investments include regional broadband companies, global data center solutions providers and digital media and marketing firms. NKTelco is the sixth broadband business to join the Schurz portfolio.

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