NKTelco Sports is your local coverage of High School Sports! We cover many of our local area schools in multiple sports!

Schools We Cover

Where to Watch

We also sell pay-per-view as well as subscription plans for Home Games for certain schools! Check out the channels below! (requires an NKT.tv account)

Note about NKT.tv Subscriptions

Take note of which channel you buy a subscription for. If you buy a single Pay-Per-View (PPV) game, use the Pay-Per-View Channel Below. If you subscribe to a Monthly or yearly plan, use the respective channel.

Jackson CenterPay-Per-ViewMonthly Channel
MinsterPay-Per-ViewMonthly ChannelYearly Channel
New BremenPay-Per-ViewMonthly ChannelYearly Channel
New KnoxvillePay-Per-ViewMonthly ChannelYearly Channel
RussiaPay-Per-ViewMonthly ChannelYearly Channel
SidneyPay-Per-ViewMonthly ChannelYearly Channel
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