Residential and Business Phone Service in Ohio

Residential and Business Phone Service in Ohio

Residential Phone

NKTelco provides competitive local and long distance telephone service and a wide array of features, all while saving you money.

Local Phone Service

Phone Service with County-Wide Calling!
Only $21.74/mo!

Unlimited Plan

Includes Unlimited Features
Only $37.69/mo!

Listed below are some optional extra-calling features we offer. Contact us to find out how we can customize a solution designed to fit your specific needs!

Call Waiting$1.50
Auto Recall$3.00
Reminder Call$2.00
Call Forwarding$1.00
Call Number Delivery$5.00
Calling Name & Number$6.00
Speed Calling$1.50
Distinctive Ringing$4.50
Three-Way Calling$2.00

Business Phone

Long Distance Phone Service

All direct dial calls made within the 48 US Contiguous States start at $0.08 per minute, while our international rates vary. Contact our business office to discuss a customized plan for you.

Toll Free Numbers

NKTelco can port over any toll-free numbers you may have. This procedure is very simple and does not interrupt the use of your toll-free numbers while we port it over to our system. Incoming toll-free calls are $0.15 per minute with volume discounts available.

Smart Office Solution

Whether you are a small ‘mom-n-pop’ shop or a large, growing business, our Smart Office Solution (SOS) gives you a big business phone system at a small business price. With NKTelco’s Smart Office Solution you’ll never miss a call again, even if you are away from your office or out of town.

Keep your current number, get advanced call management features, and maximize your productivity. We’ll do all of this while saving you time and money and revolutionizing the way you work and play. After all, we’ve been breaking new ground for more than 100 years.

Call NKTelco today and ask about our Smart Office Solution. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your specific communication needs and customize a solution tailored to get your business running more efficiently.