iPhone/iPad Email Setup

Here are some steps to follow to fix email access on your iPhone:

If you go to Settings, Passwords and Accounts, Select your NKTelco Email Account.

  • Scroll down to Advanced
  • Enable SSL
  • Authentication = Password
  • Server port = 995
  • Go back a page
  • Select SMTP, Select Primary Server (mail.nktelco.net)
  • hostname = mail.nktelco.net
  • type in username (full email address)
  • type in password
  • enable SSL
  • Authentication = Password
  • Server port = 587, hit done
  • Go Back a page, Hit Done

If you are setting the email account for the first time on your iPhone you can use these instructions:

Auto-configure (IMAP):
The easiest way to do this is to delete your NKTelco email account and follow these instructions:
If you open Safari on your iPhone and go to mail.nktelco.net/iphone, type in your name and email address then tap “Download Setup”, then “Allow”, then “Close”.
Go to Settings, General Settings, Profile, Select your NKTelco profile, type in your passcode to your phone (if you have one), and then type in your email password

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