MagicMail Client Configuration with Automatic Enhancements

When setting up a mail client on your own computer, we have enabled the ability for many clients to receive the configuration details automatically. If it does not work with just your email and password, you may be asked to fill in some details about your email account. Below are some of the details which may be asked. Simply fill in the values specified below into the fields.

For the incoming account:

* Connection Type: IMAP
* Port: 993
* Security Option: SSL
* Hostname:
* Username: <your email address>
* Password: <your password>

For the outgoing account:

* Hostname:
* Port: 587
* Security Option: STARTTLS (TLS)
* Check “My server requires authentication”
* Username: <your email address>
* Password: <your password>

** iPhones/iPads/MacOS devices have their own tool located at: sure you visit this link in Safari or it will not work! **

If you are having difficulty with this configuration, please contact our team at or call Support at 1-888-NKTELCO.

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