What is Smart or Intelligent WiFi

What is Smart WiFi?

Maybe you have heard of intelligent WiFi, but you may be confused about what it is and how it is useful. What makes it so smart? Intelligent or smart WiFi is a cloud-based network for your home that helps manage multiple devices that are being used simultaneously in all areas of your home, even those that have been historically difficult to reach. If you work from home, enjoy streaming from several devices, have a family with WiFi needs, or just want the fastest, smartest product on the market, Smart WiFi is for you. 

This guide will explain what smart/intelligent WiFi is, how it works, and its benefits. If you want to experience the fastest, most reliable, and smartest WiFi network available, NKTelco’s Smart WiFi is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

How Smart or Intelligent WiFi Works

The wireless frequencies that your router uses to communicate with the devices on your network are 2.4 GHz for distance and 5 GHz for speed. Older devices may only have the 2.4, while newer ones only have 5 GHz. Smart WiFi uses 2.4 and 5 GHz in two separate bands that know your devices’ locations and connect them to the best signal within your network to suit your needs.

Intelligent WiFi

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Features of Smart or Intelligent WiFi

Smart WiFi has several features that stand out from other networks, including higher speeds, ease of access, and simple installation. Included in our Smart WiFi package, you will find the following features:

Advanced signal processing

  • With Smart or Intelligent WiFi, you will get better signal processing for images, video, or audio signals. This means your games, movies, and data will be more concise and faster.

Self-healing network

  • Smart WiFi is designed with a network tool that can detect and remediate outages, failures, and breaches with the need for human interaction.

Guest networks

  • With Intelligent WiFi, you can create a separate guest access feature that allows your guests to access and use your WiFi without allowing them access to your main network and the devices that are connected to it.

Parental controls

  • This feature allows you to block or restrict access to specific sites, on specific devices, at specified times, keeping your family safe and giving you peace of mind.

Mesh networks

  • Mesh networks are a group of connectivity devices, such as routers or intelligent WiFi pods, that act as a single network, allowing multiple sources of connectivity in different areas of your home. 
Intelligent Wifi Plus

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Benefits of Smart or Intelligent WiFi

With more and more of us working, meeting, and learning remotely, it is essential to have the reliability, connectivity, and consistency that a solid WiFi provider can offer. With Smart or Intelligent WiFi, you will not only see these benefits but will also be able to take advantage of others, such as:

  • Enhanced coverage and range. Even those rooms or areas where coverage may have been spotty at best in the past will have coverage with Intelligent WiFi pods.
  • Faster internet speeds. Stream that movie without waiting for hours, or enjoy gaming like never before because of the faster speeds that you get from all devices in any location.
  • Improved reliability and stability. If you have had issues with unreliable WiFi using a device in certain parts of your home, Smart WiFi will solve those issues by offering reliable and stable service.
  • Better security. Keep your family safe with parental controls that can be specific to the device, location, or time of day.
  • More control over network access. In addition to parental controls, guests in your home can access WiFi without ever having access to any of your devices or your network.

Take Control of Your Home Network with Intelligent WiFi from NKTelco

NKTelco offers Smart WiFi so that you can transform your home experience! Smart WiFi offers a reliable and simple way to upgrade your current WiFi while providing improved security, faster speeds, and enhanced connections at the same time. Contact us today at 1-888-NKTELCO to find out more.

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