Open Internet Policy

NKTelco delivers the open internet. NKTelco is committed to keep your internet open by taking the following actions:

Full Access
We will not block any legal internet content, applications, or services based on their source or content.

Full Speed
We will not throttle or slow down any internet traffic based on its source or content.

Fair Handling of Traffic
We will not accept payments from any company to deliver its traffic faster or sooner than other traffic on our consumer broadband service, nor will we deliver our affiliates’ internet traffic faster or sooner than third parties’. We will not prioritize traffic in a way that harms competition or consumers.

Full Information
We will describe our internet access services and our plans in plain language so customers can make informed choices.

High Quality Service
Our overriding commitment is to provide you with the high quality service you expect from NKTelco. To achieve this, none of our commitments precludes us from reasonably managing our networks to ensure everyone has the broadband experience they demand and deserve.

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