What Local Sports Streaming Service Should I Get?

Local Team Sports

Watching the local games is important to support the community and local sports teams. But sometimes, you just can’t make it to the game. What if there were a way to stream the local high school sports so you would always be able to see every local game? Well, there is! Never miss a local sports game again with NKTelco’s streaming packages.

NKTelco’s local sports streaming packages can be customized to include fall or winter sports from your favorite teams, or you can opt for an all-season pass. Are you cheering for more than one team? We have packages for local high school teams and Ohio Northern University, so you can purchase multiple streaming packages or get total access to all local games in our All Access Plan.

A Better Way to Follow Local Sports

With local sports streaming, you can get a fan experience like no other. View from the best seat in the house (your house) regardless of weather or traffic conditions. Feel the excitement of the game while never missing a play or having your view obstructed. With live sports streaming, you can avoid crowds and lines at the concession stands and enjoy your favorite snacks in the comfort of your own home.

Out of town? No worries! You can take NKTelco’s local sports streaming with you and watch at your convenience. Never miss a game, no matter where you are or the time.

NKTelco has the best and most local sports coverage!

At NKTelco, we offer the best sports streaming services for all the local teams, such as:

  • New Bremen High School
  • New Knoxville High School
  • Minster High School
  • Sidney High School
  • Botkins High School
  • Russia High School
  • Jackson Center High School
  • Ohio Northern University

There are several ways to purchase local sports streaming services. You can purchase a plan that includes home games for a particular school or choose from plans that include multiple schools. We also have plans specifically for fall, winter, and all scheduled home games. If you want to stream all the local games, NKTelco offers the best sports streaming plan, our All Access Pass, which includes all the games for both fall and winter schedules for one low price.

In addition to offering the best local sports streaming, NKTelco also has several television packages, so you and your family can choose from over 250 channels for non-stop entertainment you can enjoy every day. Subscribers can also choose streaming options and watch their programs from any device at any time, including their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

NKTelco: The Best Streaming Service With More Than Sports

NKTelco has three streaming services, so you will always have the best entertainment at your fingertips. In addition to our local sports streaming service, we are proud to offer FUBO TV, with various plans to take your viewing to the next level.

Watch on two devices for one low price and get three simultaneous streams for only $25 per month when you subscribe to Philo, another streaming service with over 60 channels.

NKT.tv is NKTelco’s exclusive streaming service that allows you to purchase channels a la carte. No contract is required! Check out NKT.tv now with our free trial.

If you are looking for the best local sports streaming service, look no further than NKTelco. Our packages fit every budget and viewing needs. Sign up now for our services, or contact us with any questions.


Is there a lag or delay when streaming sports live compared with cable?

Live sports on TV can be broadcasted through different mediums such as cable, satellite, and streaming services. Generally, cable and satellite broadcasts have shorter delays than streaming services which typically have a lag between 20 and 120 seconds.

Is streaming cheaper than cable for sports fans?

Live TV streaming services are usually a little cheaper, but that depends on your plans or service. With streaming, you are able to watch sports wherever you are on multiple devices.

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