Docs Category: Phone

  • Setting Up and Using Call Trace

    If you wish to trace a call, hang up on the caller to get a dial tone, immediately Press *57. A recording will prompt you with instructions to Press 1 to make the trace or to hang up if you do not wish to trace. On completion of the trace attempt, you will then get […]

  • Setting Up and Using Anonymous Call Blocking

    To activate: press *77 To deactivate: press *87.

  • Setting Up and Using Caller ID Block

    Setting Up Per Call At the dial tone, Press *67, then dial the number you’re calling. When you hang up, the block ends and you must again dial *67 to activate the block on any new call you want blocked. Setting Up Per Line In order to cancel the block to show your information on […]

  • Setting Up Selective Call Reject

    Define a list of up to 20 phone numbers you do not wish to receive calls from. Calls on the list will hear a message that you will not take the call and the line will hang up. Dial *60 Dial 3 to toggle on and off Dial 0 to repeat instructions To add the […]

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