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  • Setting Up and Using Automatic Recall with Call Return

    Listen for a dial tone, then press *69; you’ll hear a message giving you the time, date, and number of the last call. Press 1 to dial the number, or hang up if you do not wish to return the call. If you choose 1 to connect and get a busy, hang up and your […]

  • Setting Up and Using Repeat Dial

    Repeat Dial will repeatedly attempt to call a number for you and rings your phone when the line is clear. When you make a call and hear a busy signal, press and release the switch-hook or flash button, listen for a tone and dial *66. The phone will continue to check the number for up […]

  • Setting Up and Using 3-Way Calling & 3-Way Calling with Call Transfer

    While on a call, press and release the flash button or switch-hook to place the first caller on hold. When you hear the dial tone, call the third party. When the third person answers and you’re ready to pick up the first caller again, press & release the flash button or switch-hook. All three of […]

  • Setting Up and Using Call Waiting

    Press flash to put the current caller on hold and answer incoming call, then press flash to toggle back to the previous caller. To disable on a per-call basis dial *70 before you make your call.

  • Setting Up Home Intercom/Barn Service

    Dial your own number and hang up. Wait for 2 short rings, and you and the person at another phone pickup.

  • Call Forwarding

    Listen for a dial tone and press *72. Dial the number you wish calls to be forwarded to. Numbers must be entered as they would if you were calling them (eg. LD is 1+, etc). If there is someone there to answer the phone, and they pick up, forwarding will be established.If no one is […]

  • Setting Up and Using Account Codes

    After dialing a long-distance number you will get a tone; at this point enter your code.

  • Voicemail Setup

    To initially setup your voicemail dial *88 from your home phone. Upon your first login you will be guided through a tutorial. Once the PIN has been set up, it will walk through setup of your spoken name and greeting that will be played when a caller is sent to your mailbox. For PIN you […]

  • Voicemail Retrieval

    Retrieving the messages away from home can be done by dialing the access number (419-400-0020) or by dialing your own number. Once you hear your mailbox greeting, press the * key on the phone and it will ask for your PIN. Follow prompts to manage any messages you may have.Notification that you have new messages […]

  • Speed Dial Information

    Speed Calling codes have a one-digit range and a two-digit range. The defaults are 2-9 and 20-49 respectively. To use speed calling, dial the speed calling code and then either dial # or wait four seconds. To configure one-digit speed dialing, press *74 To configure two-digit speed dialing, press *75 To add a speed calling […]

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