Speed Dial Information

Speed Calling codes have a one-digit range and a two-digit range. The defaults are 2-9 and 20-49 respectively.

  • To use speed calling, dial the speed calling code and then either dial # or wait four seconds.
  • To configure one-digit speed dialing, press *74
  • To configure two-digit speed dialing, press *75
  • To add a speed calling code mapping through the handset, Dial the one-digit or two-digit access code (*74 and *75 respectively).
    • Enter the one-digit or two-digit speed calling code, followed immediately by the number to which the code maps.
    • A confirm tone is played, then after a second of silence, either the reorder tone or dial tone is played (depending on the type of subscriber line).
  • To remove a speed calling code that you no longer need, you can either delete it by contacting support or use the handset to map it to a new phone number.

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