Voicemail Setup

To initially setup your voicemail dial *88 from your home phone. Upon your first login you will be guided through a tutorial. Once the PIN has been set up, it will walk through setup of your spoken name and greeting that will be played when a caller is sent to your mailbox. For PIN you should not use 1397, and cannot use sequential (1234) or repeating (1111) numbers or any part of your phone number.

Thereafter to access your voicemail box dial *88 from your home phone. It will ask for your PIN. You can now also make changes remotely by dialing the access number (419-400-0020) and it will ask for your mailbox number, which is your 10-digit phone number. From here you can access menus for making changes to your Name, Greeting, and PIN:

  • Change your Greeting/Name – From Main Menu
  • Option 3 – Greetings Menu
  • Press 1 to Personal Greeting – Follow Prompts


  • Press 3 to Change Name – Follow Prompts

Change your PIN – From Main Menu

  • Option 4 – Change Settings
  • Press 3 for Security
  • Press 1 – PIN – Follow Prompts (4 or more digits)
  • PIN Requirements: you cannot use 1397, sequential/repeating numbers or part of your phone number

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