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  • MagicMail Client Configuration with Automatic Enhancements

    When setting up a mail client on your own computer, we have enabled the ability for many clients to receive the configuration details automatically. If it does not work with just your email and password, you may be asked to fill in some details about your email account. Below are some of the details which […]

  • iPhone/iPad Email Setup

    Here are some steps to follow to fix email access on your iPhone: If you go to Settings, Passwords and Accounts, Select your NKTelco Email Account. Scroll down to Advanced Enable SSL Authentication = Password Server port = 995 Go back a page Select SMTP, Select Primary Server (mail.nktelco.net) hostname = mail.nktelco.net type in username […]

  • Setup Email on your Android Phone or Tablet

    Go to your mail, hit the three lines at the top left, go to settingswithin settings select your nktelco email account and remove it Select add account, othertype in your full email address and passwordhit Manual Setupselect IMAP as the account type Fill out this information using these settings: For incoming account: Connection Type: IMAP […]

  • Setting Up Email with Windows Live Mail

    Click on the Blue Tab at the top left Go to Options, Email Accounts Select your NKTelco Account and Click Properties Go to the Server Tab Ensure the following settings are used Incoming mail = mail.nktelco.net Outgoing mail = mail.nktelco.net Email username = full email address Select Log on using clear text authentication Check Mark […]

  • Setting Up Email using Thunderbird

    Right Click on your email address (on the left) and go to Settings Under Server Settings change the Authentication method from Encryption password to Normal Password Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) Edit Change the Authentication method from Encryption password to Normal Password Hit Ok, and hit Ok again

  • Setting Up Email Account using Outlook

    Outlook (2019) Go to File at the top left Click on Account Settings and then Server Settings Verify the following settings Username = full email address Incoming Server = mail.nktelco.net Incoming server port = 995 Check Mark “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)” Outgoing Mail Server = mail.nktelco.net Outgoing server port = 587 Encryption […]

  • Setting Up Email on Mac

    Open Mail Client (Mac Mail) Click on Mail at the top left and go to Preferences Click on Accounts Select Email Address on the left Go to the Server Settings tab Incoming Settings Username = Full Email address Hostname = mail.nktelco.net Check mark “Automatically manage connection settings”  Outgoing Settings Username = Full Email address Check […]

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